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All About History - Issue 47 2017 - PDF

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All About History - Issue 47 2017 - PDF - zeke23(WWRG)
Pages: 100 - Size: 75.5 Mb - PDF - English
Bringing History to life for readers of all ages

All About History is the only history magazine that is as entertaining as it is educational. From Ancient Rome to Ancient Egypt, Tudor kings to Victorian inventors, and the trenches of World War I to the jungles of World War II, every issue of All About History puts you at the heart of the action with breathtaking photography, amazing illustrations and thrilling true stories from acclaimed historians.
Packed with fascinating facts and images, the All About History Book of Vikings explores what caused the end of the Viking age, what their remaining legacy is, and gives you the chance to gaze upon the historical artefacts that help us understand more about these incredible warriors.
I love this magazine, its easily one of the best on the market, and my 8 year old also likes reading it. Keep it up."
just finished the newest edition yesterday and already excited for the next one! I wish there would be 1 once a week.”


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